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I “met” LMM for the first time when he was cast as Juan Alvarez (Alvy) on House. This was pre-Hamilton.

He was an unknown (to me) and appeared on the series for only a few episodes. But there was something about his performance that appealed to me.

It was clear LMM was talented but I had no idea he would become the super star he is today.

With a few exceptions, I usually avoid musical movies and plays. However, I’m thrilled to learn (via your review) that “In the Heights “ is a sensational film.

I was begrudgingly planning to watch “ITH” because my Dad (aka Tatie) grew up in WH, which was once home to a community of Rumanian/Eastern European immigrant Jews. And because its based on work created by LMM.

I will watch and report back.

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You’ve inspired me to see ITH! Btw- I was compelled to look up “Unsavi”

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